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SAO Charity Event 2022

Very happily we look back to this year's charity event. It was a thoroughly successful event - not least thanks to the many helping and supporting people!

A big thank you goes to the Jazzclub Moods for the premises, the technic and the hospitality!

Thank you, Nicoletta Cimmino, for the amazing moderation.

Thank you, Einzig und dr Andr, for the romantic, exhilarating and harmonic music.

Thank you, Aresu Rabbani, for the delicious catering.

Thank you, Ida Schmieder, for the pretty photos.

Thank you to all the volunteers, who helped so diligently in setting up, selling and dismantling.

And thank you to the great audience!

With the generous support of our audience, we were able to cover 25% of the fixed costs of our daycentres for the year 2023. To reach the full amount as soon as possible, we are happy about your support at

But now to the pictures of the event from Ida Schmieder:


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