Vanessas Bericht vom Volunteer Alltag im Bashira Centre - Teil 3

Erst vor kurzem kam Vanessa von ihrer sechs monatigen Volunteer Erfahrung im Bashira Centre zurück.



To Pari and Masoumeh


"Apart from a few women that rarely stay over a year on Lesvos, most leave within several months. The day new women register in Bashira is always related to curiosity, insecurity and hope to be able to connect to the community. The first time they enter the center as new members their eyes wander around taking in the new place, sit down in the living room where most women gather and listen quietly to the conversations. Others look instinctively for people who speak the same language and polite greetings and first questions are exchanged.


Step by step most ladies integrate and new members become locals who actively participate in activities and chit-chat. The women bond and new friendships develop. The women get accustomed to each other and begin to miss the ones that do not to appear for several days. They share stories, laughter, and memories. They discuss the hardships on Lesvos and the asylum process but also the difficulties during transit times. They show each other family pictures and smile about daily incidences.


The closeness to each other though gets disrupted every time someone leaves the island. The more social the woman is the harder it is to say good bye. High spirited from good news, women enter Bashira with big smiles to tell their friends that they are leaving. The idea to finally get out of Moria or other camps and continue their journey means joy and hope but also gets mixed with fear for the new. If possible, the women come to say bye before packing their belongings in hurry and reach the port for the ferry.


‘Me go Athens!’ or ‘I go Thessaloniki!’ Endless hugs are shared. Tears run down cheeks. ‘Safe journey and a good future’ is wished.


It’s hard to believe that you won’t see them again. Hence, when messages of their safe arrival and pictures of happy faces in a new environment appear everyone lightens up.



I hope luck will be at your side and your future will be bright. Take care!!!"




If you would also like to volunteer at the Bashira or Amina Centre please visit our volunteer site or become a SAO member.



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