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Your Donation for Displaced Women

Thank you very much for your donation! Thanks to you we can provide psycho-social support for displaced women.

Donations to SAO Association can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland.

  • With 30 CHF we can supply a woman with hygiene articles for a month.

  • ​With 50 CHF we can support a woman in the process of inscribing her child at school.

  • ​With 100 CHF we can provide 100 women with bus tickets from the camp to the Bashira Centre and back.

  • ​With 200 CHF we can cover the electricity costs in one of our Day Centres for a month.

Regular donations make it easier for us to plan the running of our Day Centres in Greece. We are very grateful if you help us with a regular contribution to maintain our support for displaced women in the long term.

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