SAO Association supports displaced women and mothers in Greece.
We are asking for your help!

Strong and resilient women become extremely vulnerable when forced to flee from conflict in their homeland.

On a daily basis, displaced women, mothers, and young girls are exposed to high risks and gender-based violence. Many are traumatised and suffer long-term effects from the abuses experienced.

We run two daycentres for displaced women and mothers with their dependents - the Bashira Centre on Lesvos and the Amina Centre in Athens. Psychosocial assistance, offered by a professional group of women, is provided in a safe space where dignity and equality are safeguarded by all SAO members.


SAO Association supports these women on their way to a new, independent, and fulfilling life.


That is why SAO is needed. And SAO needs you!


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Inside Amina Part II

Here is part two of the Q&A series with Olga and Barbara about their work at the Amina Centre in Athens.


The two SAO employees talk about the challenges and joys of everyday life at the Amina Centre and reveal what activities they engage in to keep their batteries charged.

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Event Series with the Kulturhaus Helferei

We are really looking forward to fall, because then our event series with the Helferei will start!

To kick things off, there will be a lecture by Dr. Fana Asefaw on the topic "flight and migration" on 3rd September.

You can find more events on the website of the Helferei or in our events section.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Volunteers for the Bashira Centre Lesvos

The support of volunteers is a very important part of our work in Greece.

Presently, the Bashira Centre on Lesvos is looking for an intern or a long-term volunteer starting from September on. 

We are looking forward to your application!

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Saturday, 1 October, 19.00h

Vernissage of the exhibition "Displaced Women" in the foyer of the Helferei with portraits, stories and podcasts. To kick things off, there will be a talk by SAO founder Raquel Herzog on the situation of displaced women in Greece. The exhibition can be seen until 28 October.

at Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich

Read more details in the Facebook event.

Friday, 7 October, 19.30h

Screening of the film "Volunteer" by Anna Thommen and Lorenz Nufer.

A Swiss film about the situation of refugees on Lesbos - and the birth of a citizens' movement in our midst. After the film, there will be a panel discussion.

at Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich

Read more details in the Facebook event.

Thursday, 13 October, 19.00h

The Implementation of the Concept of Refugee in Switzerland - a lecture by constitutional and international law expert Dr. Stephanie Motz on the current practice of asylum policy in Switzerland.

at Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich

Read more details in the Facebook event.

Wednesday, 19 October, 19.00h

Workshop "What can I do?" - Concrete advice and tips on how to find out what kind of volunteering suits your skills and competences - in collaboration with plentii.

at Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich

Read more details in the Facebook event.

Tuesday, 25 October 19.00h

Syrian cooking classes with Layla Ibrahim of Orient Express Catering - limited places!

at Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich


Every second refugee is a woman: A defenceless girl, an expectant mother to be, a single mother fleeing alone, an uprooted elderly woman.

SAO specifically supports displaced women.

Stranded in Greek asylum misery.


Thousands of displaced people have to endure in Greek camps. If their asylum is confirmed, they are allowed to go to the mainland, but there they are often threatened with homelessness.

SAO Association supports displaced women stranded in Greece in a concrete, efficient, discreet, neutral, flexible and ethical way.

Learn more about the context we work in here.

geflüchtete Frau mit Kind Zitate von Klientinnen

Quotes from our clients


«I cannot thank you enough, because you gave me life for accepting me in Amina when I desperately needed someone to support me.»


«They always leave the door open – we know we can talk, when we are ready»


«In Amina not all my needs can be met - but what I always get there is love»


«Cet endroit m'apporte beaucoup de choses: de l'amour, de la chaleur et le sentiment de revivre.»


«I left all my family behind me.

I only have my son M* and SAO. That's why my love for this

organisation has no limits.»


«I finally speak Greek!»

Raquel Herzog SAO Association

«We stand up for displaced women with humanity and professionalism. We meet them in solidarity, at eye level, with respect and in recognition of human diversity, regardless of their reason for fleeing.»