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amina centre athen für frauen auf der flucht


A Centre focused on supporting displaced women as they start a new life.

At the Amina Centre in Athens, traumatised women and mothers, along with particularly vulnerable, disabled, and elderly women, find professional support and an oasis of calm. The focus of our team (psychologists, social workers, and translators) is on psychosocial care.


Our programme includes practical support (hygiene items, clothes, milk powder, diapers, etc.) and various workshops such as sewing classes, bodywork, and sexual health, where displaced women can develop their skills and create a new foundation for a self-determined life. Our psychologist or social worker supervises these workshops. Language courses in Greek and English help the women prepare to find their way forward in their new lives.


In cooperation with specialised organisations, we also organise informative workshops on legal and health issues.

greek lessons amina centre courtyard


Impressions from our Amina Centre in Athens

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