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Your Donation

SAO Association is funded solely by contributions and donations which come from institutional and private donors.

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Become a Member

Regular donations make it easier for us to plan the running of our Day Centres in Greece. Thank you very much!

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Buy SAO products in our webshop.

With the revenue we finance our Day Centres for displaced women.


Volunteer Your Time or Your Skill

Would you like to actively support us on Lesvos, in Athens or in Zurich? We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Legacies & Bequest

Do you care about displaced women and children? If so, you are in the right place with us.

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Would you like to support us with an event, a campaign, or a specific skill? Please feel free to contact us at

Membership Fees & Regular Donations

Your membership fees and regular donations make it easier for us to plan the running of our Day Centres in Greece and enable us to maintain our support for displaced women in the long term. Thank you very much!

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Zurich Cantonal Ban ZKB

Zuercher Kantonalbank ZKB . Postfach . CH-8010 Zürich

Post Account ZKB: 80-151-4


Clearing: 700

Contribution in CHF: IBAN: CH86 0070 0114 8023 0668 5

Contribution in Euro: IBAN: CH19 0070 0130 0091 1535 8



SAO Association, Olivengasse 7, CH-8032 Zürich

PostFinance Log

Post Account: 61-867592-9


IBAN: CH87 0900 0000 6186 7592 9



Verein SAO, CH-5436 Würenlos


SAO is tax-exempt.

The tax exemption granted by the Canton of Aargau is recognised in all Swiss cantons according to the StHG of 1.1.1999. We send donation confirmations four times a year.


Thank you very much!


We are at your disposal.

078 663 80 80

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