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Get Involved as a Volunteer.

Volunteers involved in SAO Association come from all over the world and have different religions, skin colours, and backgrounds. What unites us is the defence of human rights and the will to contribute to the protection of the most vulnerable.

no open volunteer positions for 2024

All voluntary positions are currently filled until the end of 2024.


For this reason, we will only accept new enquiries after October 2024.

Volunteer at the Bashira Centre Lesbos


The team at the Bashira Centre especially needs support with interpreting and other daily activities.



  • female

  • at least 23 years old

  • Available full-time for at least 1 month, preference is given to people who are available for at least 3 months or longer

  • Knowledge of French, Arabic or Farsi

  • Training in the humanitarian or social field and/or experience in working with refugees or vulnerable people


Volunteer at the Amina Centre Athens


The team at the Amina Centre especially needs support in looking after our clients' children so that the mothers can attend classes or one-on-one meetings with our professional staff.



  • female

  • at least 23 years old

  • Available full-time for at least 1 month, preference is given to people who are available for at least 3 months or longer

  • Experience and training in working with children and/or training in the humanitarian or social field

  • Experience working with refugees or vulnerable people and/or knowledge of French, Farsi or Arabic is a plus


To apply as a volunteer, please send the completed application form to . In your email, tell us in English about your motivation and the exact length of time you would like to support our teams in Greece.

Only licensed psychologists employed by SAO can provide field service.

Since SAO has small teams on site, it is unfortunately not possible to supervise or train interns.

We look forward to receiving your serious application!

Please note that SAO cannot offer any financial or other compensation to volunteers.

Volunteer in Switzerland

We are always looking for people who would like to support our work in Switzerland. Whether it is at events, with smaller administrative tasks or dispatches at our office, with research or the planning and implementation of smaller projects, … We are grateful for your support!

We are also happy to hear from you if you would like to offer your skills or know-how in areas like social media, photography, videos, graphic design, languages, writing, marketing etc.

If you are interested, please contact us at and tell us about your idea - we are looking forward to working with you!

Visa Information



It is the volunteers' responsibility to obtain the necessary visas and permits before making travel arrangements.


Citizens of Schengen or EU countries do not require a visa.

All others, please contact the Greek Embassy in their country regarding current visa requirements. Those who enter without the correct documents risk being detained on arrival and returned to their home country.

Visa information for non-EU countries.


Impressions from Volunteering

There is nothing better than knowing: We are not alone. And we are many. SAO brings together wonderful women who work together to do what needs to be done.


Many thanks to our volunteers!

Volunteer Statement(2)
Fanny, Volunteer SAO Association
Lea, Volunteer SAO Association
Vanessa, Volunteer SAO Association
Sophie, Volunteer SAO Association
Maria, Volunteer SAO Assocciation
Anais, Volunteer SAO Association
Laura, Volunteer Bashira
Ella, Volunteer SAO Association
Isabela, Volunteer SAO Association
Marlen, Volunteer SAO Association
Milena, Volunteer SAO Association
Dilara, Volunteer SAO Association
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