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Livelihood security and further education for displaced women

SAO is committed to equal opportunities and the inviolable right to education. For us, female empowerment means supporting women to complete an education or school according to their abilities. We support them on their way to achieving a vocational skill or higher education, giving them a chance for an autonomous life and sustainable inclusion into society.


After several years of working in Greece, it becomes clear: women who receive asylum in Greece have practically no possibility to secure their existence. The unemployment rate is dramatically high, and support programmes for refugees are almost non-existent. For this reason, we want to focus on practical life support and vocational training in the future.

Securing livelihoods as a goal

To pave the way for women to lead an autonomous life, we want to focus more on "skills building" to secure their livelihood. In addition to Greek and English courses, we now offer computer courses and various workshops where women can discover and develop their talents and skills at our Centres Bashira and Amina. In the long term, we hope to build up a local network that can empower these women to find concrete jobs.

Help us bring our clients closer to their goal with a donation that supports our Back on Track vocational.


In 2019 we started our pilot project with three young women who we have known since their arrival on Lesbos in 2016. All three were able to overcome institutional and language barriers and resume their studies in September 2020. All three of them have now successfully completed their studies.

With the third degree we are completing our 'Back on Track academic' program in order to concentrate fully on the 'Back on Track vocational' and thus on our clients in Greece.

Studies completed

Ronahi (pdf)

Amani (pdf)

Ruha (pdf)

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