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The SAO Love Bundle
for a Decent Start in Life


With support of:

With your donation, you help SAO provide mothers and their children with the basic necessities from birth until they start school. 

Share with us the joy of welcoming children to our Day Centres and supporting women in this important stage of their lives.

The SAO Love Bundle contains for example...

gift sao association love bundle

The SAO Love Bundle is customised and can include the traditional first SAO newborn kit, hygiene products, favourite toys, school bag with pens and much more. 


We are proud to stand alongside the mothers who give love and tenderness to their babies and toddlers under harsh living conditions.

How it Works:

  • You buy one or more SAO Love Bundles here (payment details below) or in the SAO webshop.

  • As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you a beautiful Love Bundle Card as a donation certificate.

  • The actual Love Bundles will be given to displaced women and their children by SAO Association staff in Greece.

  • Would you like to donate a Love Bundle on behalf of someone else? Then you can label the Love Bundle card with the name of this person and send it to them.

sao association love bundle logo
Payment details

A Love Bundle costs 50 francs (or 50€). You can pay the amount as a bank transfer or via TWINT.

Bank transfer
  1. Please mark your deposit with “Love Bundle”.

  2. Write the number of Love Bundles you would like to finance in the remark

  3. Transfer the corresponding amount to us as follows:

Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB, 8010 Zürich


Recipient: SAO Association, Olivengasse 7, CH-8032 Zürich

Note: Love Bundle

IBAN for donations in CHF (80.-): CH86 0070 0114 8023 0668 5

​IBAN for Donations in Euro (80.-): CH19 0070 0130 0091 1535 8


Pay with TWINT per Love Bundle 50 CHF and write in the comment how many Love Bundles you would like to buy. 

TWINT_Love Bundle_EN.png

This TWINT Code is

only for Love Bundles!

By the way:
  • It happens that during our hospital visits we get to know some destitute Greek women, to whom we of course also give a Love Bundle

  • Would you like to give away other useful products? Visit our webshop!

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