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Empowerment through Greek Classes for displaced Women

Greek classes as a key to integration: Support displaced women on their path to self-determination and empowerment! Greek classes play a central role in helping displaced women establish themselves in the new society, advance their integration, and build a self-determined life.

Greek classes are crucial for the integration of displaced women.


In our Day Centres, we offer displaced women a safe space where they can expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. The informal Greek classes are taught by a professional teacher and enable our clients, according to their previous knowledge and schooling, to transfer to courses with a qualification according to the European Framework of Reference. In addition, our language classes enable them to interact with the local community, find job opportunities and move more confidently in their new environment.
How can you help? Your donation helps us cover the costs of teaching: teacher's salary, teaching materials, classroom infrastructure, etc. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference and helps support the livelihood of displaced women.

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