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Acute shortage of donations on Lesvos

The situation of refugees on Lesvos has been completely forgotten due to current armed conflicts, although it has not been defused. There are currently around 3'000 people in the reception camp. But now, more and more organisations and projects see themselves forced to stopping their work on the island due to lacking funds. Unfortunately, this also applies to various organisations from which we were previously able to obtain our donations in kind. The few organisations that still receive deliveries need them for their own projects. Unfortunately, this shortage combined with the overcrowding increases the risk of theft within the camp.

All the containers in the camp are occupied by two families or too many individuals. There is only very limited access to clean water and hygiene products and the sanitary infrastructure is inadequate and poorly maintained. This has led to an outbreak of scabies within the camp, which is not being adequately controlled and taken care of by the authorities. Necessary measures, such as the inevitable daily washing of all clothes, bed linen and towels, are impossible as there are no washing machines available within the camp. Treating the very painful effects of the highly contagious scabies with medication is also a major challenge, as the residents of the camp have very limited access to medical care since the island's healthcare system is already insufficient for the local population (approx. 90,000).

We at SAO are endeavouring to counteract this development. We continue to offer our clients the bathroom at the Bashira Centre as a safe and clean place where they can take care of their personal hygiene in peace. We provide shower gel, shampoo and other hygiene products as well as donated clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, our supplies are also running out and we urgently need donations (clothes, shoes for women and children) and funds to buy hygiene products on the island and thus also support the local population.

Recently, we were able fill up the Bashira Wardrobe with a suitcase full of beautiful donated clothes and shoes from Switzerland. Unfortunately it's almost empty already...

If you have intact summer clothes and shoes for women and children at home that you would like to donate to the Bashira Centre, you are welcome to make a very personal Love Parcel. Please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with the postal address on Lesvos where you can send your parcel.

Thank you for your support!

Ps: I brought back beautiful handmade and hand-painted espresso cups from Lesbos by a local ceramic artist - you can buy them in our WEBSHOP - take a look!

Warm regards

Raquel Herzog with the Teams in Greece and Switzerland


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