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Bashira Centre Lesvos: Marmelade Workshop

A year ago, the SAO management met with the Amina and Bashira leadership teams for the annual operations meeting on Lesvos. We have special memories of cheerful hours spent together with the Bashria women from last year's business trip—for example, our jam workshop. The orange trees in the courtyard of the Bashira Centre inspired us to make orange jam with the women. For this project, our partner organisation Lesvos Solidarity kindly let us use their catering kitchen at the Pikpa Camp.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid19 regulation, we could not bring the around 450 jars of jam that we produced in a cheerful mood over two afternoons to Switzerland as planned. We would have loved to sell them to you as charity articles at our traditional Moods event. So, we had to find other recipients for the 50 kg of jam. They are now a welcome addition to our aid packages given weekly to the women who live in these desolate conditions in the camp. We were also able to show our appreciation and bring great joy to our local partners with the homemade jam.

Here you can see the short film Ida Schmieder made of the jamproduction.

Info: To protect our clients, who are often victims of persecution, and to protect their image rights, we do not show any faces - but you will still be able to feel the beautiful atmosphere.

Ida Schmieder, Lesvos February 2020


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