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Impressions of a volunteer

"An impressive experience on my first working day at the Bashira Centre made me appreciate the valuable work of the staff. A young Syrian displaced mother and her two children came to our house with deliciously smelling homemade oriental pastries.

With beaming eyes, she showed us the long-awaited positive decision. After three rejections, she finally got her refugee status recognised after two years.

She was so happy and thanked the staff of the Bashira Centre a thousand times - without their support, she would not have been able to muster the courage and stamina for the right to be recognised as a refugee family after all the traumatic experiences in the war-torn country and on the run.

Is what the translator told me she said to the Bashira Team.

It is precisely this trust in the hope for a more humane future that the professional and interdisciplinary staff at the Bashira Centre give to the displaced women daily with much commitment and heart.

I was happy to support their work with my means on-site and would like to encourage everyone to support this SAO project in Lesvos or Athens actively or financially."

This report was written by psychologist Bea Keller, who supported our team on Lesvos as a volunteer in January and February 2023.


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