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SAO Association receives the Red Cross Award 2023

Neuchâtel, 24 June 2023 - The Swiss Red Cross awards the Red Cross Prize to the SAO Association. The prize is awarded every two years to individuals and organisations that provide exceptional humanitarian services.

During the Red Cross Assembly in Neuchâtel on Saturday, 24 June 2023, the Red Cross Award for Humanitarian Service of Special Quality was presented for the 10th time. This year, the award goes to the Swiss organisation SAO Association, which has supported displaced women in Greece for the past seven years. With the two Day Centres on Lesvos and Athens and the support programme "Back on Track", the non-profit organisation contributes essential aid to displaced women. The social commitment of SAO Association is awarded 30,000 Swiss francs.

According to the Swiss Red Cross, the jury of the Red Cross Award was particularly impressed by the SAO programme and the team's extraordinary humanitarian commitment.

The Red Cross Award is one of the highest awards given by the Swiss Red Cross. The principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and voluntariness should guide the performance honoured by the Swiss Red Cross Award.

At the award ceremony, the founder of SAO Association, Raquel Herzog, dedicated the prize to the highly dedicated staff and acknowledged the remarkable resilience of the clients.


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