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Ursula Wyss Joins the Board of Directors

Ursula Wyss holds a PHD in economics and has been a politician for many years. After 12 years as National Councillor and parliamentary group president, she was a member of the government of the city of Bern for the past eight years. In addition to climate, energy, and transport policy, she always focused on issues of social justice. As she was a member of various initiative committees, she is familiar with the different aspects of public campaigning.

As a member of the National Council's State Policy Committee (SPK), which mainly determines Swiss migration policy, she has always advocated for a humane asylum policy. Together with the network of cities, she repeatedly and actively campaigned for an additional admission of refugees from Greece since 2015.

Through her many years of involvement in the national parliament, in the local executive and in various NGOs, Ursula Wyss has a broad network in politics, business and society, which she would like to make available to SAO Association, just as her extensive knowledge of political processes. As an active member of the advisory board, in particular also of the gewa foundation for the professional integration of people with mental challenges, psychosocial support for people in difficult situations is a matter close to her heart. She is convinced that thanks to support for displaced women like the one offered by SAO Association, a self-determined life in a new environment can be possible.


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