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Half a Year After the Crowdfunding: What Makes Our Translators' Work More Difficult

Dear supporters of our crowdfunding,

Already more than half a year has passed since we successfully completed our crowdfunding for the translators in our daycentres with your support.

In our last update, we told you how we train translators internally - like our new Farsi and Arabic translator – to prepare them for the emotional and psychological difficulties of their new work.

In addition to the psychological challenges, our translators are also repeatedly confronted with linguistic obstacles. After all, two women who speak the same language do not necessarily understand each other. As in German, there are many varieties in Persian, Arabic and French that can make communication difficult.

For example, our Arabic translator at the Amina Centre Athens first had to familiarise herself with the vocabulary used by women from other Arabic-speaking countries, or our Farsi translator at the Bashira Centre had to learn some expressions in Farsi dialects that were foreign to her.

In addition, certain topics are treated and discussed quite differently from one culture to another. Our translators therefore need a lot of sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences to ensure that communication with our clients works.

A translation is therefore never just a repetition of words in another language but requires each time a high level of concentration and a lot of expertise and skills from our translators.

With your donation to our crowdfunding, you have enabled us to hire and train qualified displaced women and thus secured the basis for our communication with clients. Thank you!

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With best regards,

The SAO team

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